Bicycle Recycling at the Valdosta Bike Co-op



Loading up the scrap bikes

We often get asked, “what do you do at the bike co-op?” The easiest answer is this: We handle bicycle recycling. That’s pretty vague right? So here is a quick run down.

First, people from the community donate tired old bikes to the co-op which either get restored or stripped down for parts.


Here a giant magnet is picking up the scrap bike frames

In the latter scenario, volunteers like you use shop tools to disassemble bikes and salvage any working parts, like wheels, brakes, and miscellaneous nuts and bolts. Since some of the donated bikes only need a few parts to become rideable these spare parts become invaluable during the resoration process.

Still, not every bike is salvageable. If a bicycle has been stored outside often the parts are sometimes too rusty to be re-used. However, these bikes still have a purpose. Once a bike has been stripped of its useful components, it can then be recycled at the salvage yard. This way even the donation of a tired and rusty old bike still helps support the work of the Valdosta Bike Co-op.Image

The tall bike project is a fun and exciting example of bicycle recycling. This three tier tall bike was built entirely out of scrapped out donation bikes and components. Here you can see Patrick riding it down Williams Street. If you are interested in bicycle recycling or if you’d just like to see this rolling nine foot monstrosity then stop by the Valdosta Bike Co-op and get involved.

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