2012 Georgia Bikes Law Enforcement Pocket Guide-Free

Maya Angelou said, “when you know better you do better.”

In that spirit I recommend you print out a free copy of Georgia Bikes’ updated Law Enforcement Pocket Guide. This pocket guide is a great place to start educating yourself on bike law in order to become a better rider.

This brief guide is the size of a quarter of a page and conveniently fits in a jersey, bag, or pocket. And if you’ve ever had a run in with a cop who doesn’t know Georgia law relating to bikes then you know this guide is invaluable. In fact, if you visit their site you can even request copies of the pocket guide for your local law enforcement officers.

Inside the guide you’ll find useful information with references like:

  • Bicycles are vehicles and have the same rights and responsibilities on public roads as motorists.[§40-1-1(75)], [§40-6-20(a)]

  • Motor vehicles must provide at least three feet of safe passing distance when overtaking a bicyclist. [§40-6-56]

This guide is a great resource for Valdosta cyclists and we thank Georgia Bikes and New Belgium Brewing Co. for putting the 2012 guide together.

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